Exporting Of Food Crops

The BlessedOnwards offers a variety of opportunities. However, it is a business that often requires specialized services in order to tailor each item to meet the various and ever changing regulations and requirements of each destination country. It is often much more practical and economical to outsource this type of service.

  • BlessedOnwards was established to provide specialized services that are required for export of U.S. food products to world markets.
  • BlessedOnwards does not source, buy or sell any products.
  • BlessedOnwardsis a SERVICE provider and is not in competition with any manufactures, distributors, importers or exporters.

We understand that your country may have specific guidelines regarding food imports and labelling.

Our Reprocessing Facility can help.

  • Applying translated ingredients labels, Green Dot or special barcodes.
  • Printing date codes (ink-jetting) onto products.
  • Scanning for banned ingredients and removing them from your order.
“Since we are a one-stop shop we make exporting easy. Call or email me and let’s see how we can work together.”